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Fresh Purity  Massage Oil

Fresh Purity Massage Oil


Fresh Purity Massage Hemp Oil features extraordinary blend of nourishing properties designed to help lose measurements, while leaving the skin nourished, hydrated and refreshed. Our quick absorbing anti-inflammatory formula provides an optimal relaxation, while protecting the skin against bacteria and germs.

Each ingredient has an important and beneficial role in helping keep your body in good condition. We recommend clients to use the oil for 30 days to see effective results, whether it is for a contouring massage, fat reduction, deep tissue or relaxation.

Directions: Dispense a small amount of oil into hands. Rub hands together, then massage into desired area to help release tension and soreness.


  • Sunflower

  • (Rich in omega 3 and 6)

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

  • Blend of phenoxyethenol

  • Hemp Oil

  • Almond Oil

  • Capylyl Glycol

  • Sorbic acid

External Use Only

8oz Bottle  

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