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Waxing Services

Nature's Wax & Spa® provides wax that is created to be loved by all types of skin & hair. Waxing is great at quickly, affordably, and safely removing hair from most areas of the body. Waxing lasts longer than shaving, which is the usual alternative. While you’ll be reaching for the razor again within a day or two, with waxing you can be hair free for as long as six weeks. A few benefits of waxing is less regrowth, finer regrowth, exfoliates the skin, banishes shaving rash, fewer ingrown hairs, no more irritation or itching, no more shaving cuts, and an opportunity for self-care time.


Hard wax has a variety of benefits. For starters it's gentler on the skin therefore it is good for people with sensitive skin. As it is applied as a thicker layer and is removed with a strip it tends to be a little less painful and better for all areas of the body. It also removes hair cleanly from the root and doesn't leave a sticky mess behind.




Sugar waxing also has many great benefits. The process of the treatment is a dense sugar paste that is massaged onto your skin and then pulled off in the direction the hairs are growing. Since there's no heat, there's no chance of burning your skin. Sugaring is so gentle that it can be used to remove even the finest hairs on a woman's upper lip or jawline.


  • Natural Ingredients

  • No risk of getting burned

  • Doesn't require intense heat

  • Can remove even the shortest hairs

  • Easier clean up

  • Less irritation post treatment

Check out our current sugar waxing training course. Click here to sign up. 

We provide all-natural hard and sugar wax. For all skin types & sensitive skin.


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