Nature’s Wax & Spa

Nature’s Wax & Spa

Specializes in hair removal services, body contouring, facials and more.

About Us

Discover Nature’s Wax & Spa, where relaxation and rejuvenation converge. Specializing in hair removal, facial treatments, and body contouring, we provide you with a complete wellness experience.

Beyond just the surface, we understand that your body deserves both internal and external care. From personalized therapies to innovative techniques, our focus is on enhancing your natural beauty and balance.

Experience transformation in an environment of serenity and beauty at Nature’s Wax & Spa.

Our Services

Nature’s Wax & Spa specializes in hair removal services, body contouring, facials and more. We offer various choices of removing unwanted hair such as hard natural wax to laser hair removal. Also specializing in body contouring services such as non-invasive radio frequency and cavitation treatments, lymphatic drainage massages, and more! Your body is a temple and here at Nature’s Wax & Spa we make sure to focus on the outer and inner needs of the body. We offer facials, botox, IV Therapy, and more.

Bikini Treatments & Brazilian Bikini

Indulge in our exclusive Bikini Treatments, designed to pamper and rejuvenate your intimate area. Whether you’re seeking immediate relief after a Brazilian Wax or looking to enhance the overall health and appearance of your bikini zone, our range of treatments has you covered.

Facial & Body Waxing

Facial Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Access Bar Therapy

Body Contouring

Makeup Services


Teeth Whitening

Eyebrow Lamination

Intimate Bleaching


3244 N John Young Pkwy Kissimmee, FL 34741

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Mon – Sat 9:00 – 20:00

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Medical Spa

Medical spa treatments can include: corrective medical skin care products; procedures for treating lines, wrinkles, sun spots, sagging skin, loss of facial volume and other unwanted conditions of aging skin.

Facial fillers

IV therapy




The Type Of Massages We Do

Deep tissue massages

Deep tissue massage targets deeper muscle layers, relieving chronic pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and promoting injury recovery.

Swedish massages

Swedish massage employs gentle techniques for relaxation, stress relief, and muscle tension relief, improving circulation and overall well-being.

Prenatal massages

Prenatal massage focuses on alleviating pregnancy discomforts, promoting relaxation, circulation, tailored to expectant mothers unique needs.

Hot stone massages

Hot stone massage uses heated stones to warm and relax muscles, relieve tension, and promote deep relaxation and stress relief.

Wood therapy massages

Wood therapy massage utilizes wooden tools to sculpt the body, reduce cellulite, and stimulate lymphatic drainage for detoxification.

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